Day: 15th February 2019

Newsletter 15/02/19

Year 6 Leavers – A couple of mums have kindly offered to organise the hoodies for the Y6 leavers, they are available in a variety of sizes and colours, and cost £13.70 for child sizes and £18.20 for adult sizes. If you would like one, you can order and pay on sQuid. Please return the form that requests your consent to include your child’s name incorporated into the design for the hoodie and for the Leavers Mug.

What’s on next week?

Monday – Cross Country Competition

Wednesday – Cross Country

Thursday – Football

Friday – Y5/6M Class Assembly

Friday – Installment for Y5/6 Residential (please ensure you have paid at least £140.00 by this point). The remaining £20.00 is due by the end of March.

Half  Term  Holiday- Monday 25th February to Friday 1st March

Tues 5th March – St David’s Day Concert for School (please can children wear Welsh Costume, Welsh Rugby Top, or a red tshirt or Jumper)

Wed 6th March – St David’s Day Concert for Parents please can children wear Welsh Costume, Welsh Rugby Top, or a red tshirt or Jumper) Classes taking part are Y3/4J, Y1/2L, LFPR, Y1/2B, Y5/6D, Y5/6E

Senedd Visit – Representatives from the school went to the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff this week. They reported back to the rest of the school today, and explained what they had learnt. Please keep an eye on our Pupil Voice pages on the website for more information.


Please see below for an extract from a local authority communication sent to schools

  1. The School Run: Briefing Note

Whether you’re a parent or driver, it’s important that you take extra care on the roads and encourage your children to do the same. With that in mind, here are a few simple tips to make the morning and evening commute that little bit safer.

Using the car

  • Check that your child is correctly restrained. If you’re planning to carry any extra children make sure that you have the age-appropriate child seat. Please see RoSPA’s dedicated website for more advice.
  • Choose a safe place to drop your child off near to the school. Aim for somewhere you won’t cause congestion and danger to those walking or cycling to school.
  • Talk to your children about road safety on your way to school, stress the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Walking to school

  • If you are planning to let your child walk to school on their own for the first time, talk to them about the route they will use and the dangers they may encounter. Watch your child so that you can judge whether they have the ability to cross roads safely on their route to school.
  • Children learn by watching adults. If walking your child to school, talk to them about how they can keep themselves safe and always try to set a good example when crossing the road

For drivers:

  • Be extra observant and keep a watchful eye for children walking and cycling to school, they might be distracted and excited.
  • Reduce your speed where you see lots of children, especially near to schools. If you are driving at 30mph and a child runs out, your stopping distance will be at least 23 metres.
  • Rushing causes accidents – give yourself more time for your journey and never be tempted to speed!

Parking enforcement can help to tackle problem parking in Swansea. The launch of a parking enforcement camera car in Swansea has been hailed a success in changing motorists parking habits. The Council launched the camera enforcement car in 2015 in a bid to tackle parking issues outside schools and in bus stops. Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) may issue Penalty Charge Notices for numerous offences which contravene to parking restrictions for on and off street parking. The current penalty charge is either £70 for high rate contraventions, or £50 for low rate contraventions. This is reduced by 50% if the penalty is paid within 14 days, or increased by 50% if the penalty is outstanding after the 28 day payment period.

Do not:

  • park on yellow lines
  • cause an obstruction
  • park on bus stop or clearways even to drop people off
  • park on zig zag lines
  • park or wait in taxi ranks. Tow away zones apply to all taxi ranks.