Day: 13th September 2019

Newsletter 13/09/19

Year Group Meetings – We hope you can join us next week for the Year Group Meetings, which provide you with a chance to meet your child’s teacher, find out about KS2 residential trips, get information on what they will be learning this term, as well as lots of other useful information. We hope you can join us.

What’s on Next Week?

Year Group Meetings

Monday 16th September – UFP – Year 1 and Year 2 at 2.30pm and again at 5.30pm

Tuesday 17th September  –  KS2 – Years 3,4,5 &6 at 2.30pm and again at 5.30pm

Wednesday 18th September – LFP – Nursery & Reception at 2.30pm

FBP Book Fair

FBP Second Hand Uniform Sale

What’s Coming up?

Please have a look at our events page for future events.

Forms – Please complete and return the contact form that has been sent home, so we can ensure we have up to date  information for your child.

Communication from school  – 

Please ensure you are receiving messages from Classdojo, and SchoolComms, if you are having any problems please let us know.