Emergency Childcare

If you are an identified critical worker and are considering leaving your child at Brynmill Emergency Childcare on the days you are working, please remember that:

  • This is childcare NOT face-to-face teaching.


  • Volunteers run our Emergency Childcare and we want them to be available for as long as possible, so please help us to help you.


  • Emergency Childcare caters for children who are 5 years+. Please click here for Welsh Government Guidance on access to childcare for parents (who are critical workers) with children under the age of 5 years old.


  • Demand for our voluntary emergency childcare offer continues to increase. You should only use this service if you CAN’T WORK FROM HOME and your work is CRITICAL to the COVID-19 response. Please do not use this service on days that you are working from home, we are keen to avoid turning away parents/carers who really need this voluntary service in order to carry out a critical role.


  • In anticipation of increased demand, we have endeavoured to increase capacity. In line with only having a third of pupils in school at any given time we have allocated 16 emergency childcare places. Increasing capacity further would require significant school reorganisation and cancellation of planned face-to-face check ins for some of our pupils. As you can appreciate, this would take time to achieve; consequently, we CANNOT guarantee a place for everyone registered or who wishes to use this service. In that instance, parents employed in the NHS, Blue light services and social care will be given priority.


  • We will be operating under the WHO and NHS guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and this will include social distancing and regular hand washing.


  • The hours of childcare will change from the 29th June – 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (LA, WG).


  • From 29th June, pupils will be placed in a bubble (group of pupils) and allocated face-to-face check – in sessions. In accordance with WG guidance, in order to reduce the risk of transmission children are to stay with the same group of learners for that day. For those who are registered and booked into emergency childcare, parents will need to decide whether their child/ren attend the allocated face to face check in sessions at the stated drop off and collection times or remain booked in to Emergency Childcare at the usual time of 8:30 – 3:30. Unfortunately, child/ren will not be able to attend both Emergency Childcare and Face to face check in on the same day.


If you wish to access this provision for the first time

If you wish to access this provision for the first time, you will need to take into account that eligibility checks and registration if your child/ren for this voluntary service takes time. You will not be able to book your child/ren into Emergency childcare until the registration process is complete.


*   Both parents must be key workers/ one parent is a key worker in the case of a Single parent family.
*   Proof of eligibility is required upon registration for both key worker parents/ one key worker parent in the case of a Single parent family

If you think you might be eligible and have no other alternative for childcare, please complete the pre-registration form below. Once we have completed our eligibility checks, we will invite you to complete the registration forms for Brynmill Emergency Childcare. You will be invited to book your chidren in once the registration process is complete.


For enquiries, please email kim.morgans@swansea-edunet.gov.uk