Home Learning in the event of closure due to COVID-19

Further to the Minister’s statement on 18th March regarding early closure on Friday 20th, we have prepared the following to allow pupils to continue through home learning. Please ensure that you have access to Dojo and reset password through their website. If your child does not have access to Hwb or TT Rockstars, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible. 

Brynmill Primary School Parents Guide to Home Learning 

This guide is to plan for an unprecedented situation should the school need to close for any length of time. As part of our planning, we have tried to anticipate this in a way that provides continuity in terms of what would be taught in school balanced with the understanding that health issueswell being and support for teaching pupils at home may vary. Please be assured that we aim to promote the learning of skills that will keep any disruption of learning to a minimum. 

For home learning to be effective we have planned the following. 

  • Class Dojo will continue to be the main source of communication between your child’s teacher and home. 
  • Tasks will be issued regularly in PDF format that can be opened on any device. 
  • Teachers will be available to communicate with as usual – please be understanding of any health issues that may arise.  
  • Tasks must be submitted though our Hwb platform using J2E in KS2 and Dojo in Foundation Phase. 
  • Tasks will be set to cover all six areas of learning. Teachers are aware about practical considerations and limitations. 
  • Pupils who have limited access can photograph written work and submit them via Dojo or J2E 


Using J2E for completing tasks –  KS2 

The pupils are very familiar using J2E for tasks. 

You will need: 

  • A device (phone, tablet, computer).  
  • Both iPads and other tablets have an app called J2 Launch available. 

Alternatively, they can log in via any browser on desktop or laptop.  

Hwb login details which they should know: bloggsj123@hwbcymru.net and their password.  

Tasks can be completed in the form of text, pictures, audio, video (especially useful on a phone/tablet). 

Tasks need to be saved with a good filename (indicates content) 

To be reviewed by the teacher, they also need to use the j2Webby button to post it for review by the teacher  

The prompt asks them to choose ‘new page’ or blog. Choose blog and their class from the list. The post will be pending until the teacher reviews it.  


Teachers can leave a comment and edit. 


Research, writing an account, story  J2E, use J2Webby to publish 
Recording of a story, explanation  J2 Launch App, record audio, place in a J2E file, post to J2Webby 
Shoot a video  J2 Launch App, record videoplace in a J2E file post to


Animation – use an app like I can Animate, export the video to the gallery  export the video to the gallery from the App 

upload the video to J2E, place in a J2E file post to


Access links placed by teachers – playlists of websites and resources, Maths games 

We encourage pupils to use these links

with E Safety in mind as they are already vetted.

Please look at our E Safety pages for further guidance.

Use the J2E Tiles that link and are named accordingly 
Completing maths tasks from an online sheet  Complete on paper, photograph and upload to J2E.  

post to J2Webby

All other drawing, artwork, cooking challenge!  Photo / video, upload to J2E, post to J2Webby


Using Dojo for Foundation Phase Tasks for Home Learning 

Pupils that already use a Hwb log in can access J2E like KS2 and use JIT / J2E / J2Blast for tasks and home learning. 

Tasks will be communicated in PDF format through Dojo. 

Most will be practical ideas that will not need recording. However, pupils in Y12 that have a portfolio in Dojo can upload pictures and writing to record their learning. 

Pictures can also be sent to the teacher so that communication is maintained. 

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Websites and Apps 

The latest list of helpful websites for extending Home learning will be available on the school website.  

Hwb – Learning Platform for completing tasks, searching playlists, accessing J2E and Office, email. 


TT rockstars – KS2 pupils have a login. 

J2 Launch – accessing J2 Blast maths, Spell Blast, other links and playlists left by pupils 

Top Marks – maths games 

BBC Science clips 

Minecraft for Education (download App or software. Not available on Android) 

Other websites that may be of use: 


Apps that we use: 

Foundation  KS2 
Hairy Letters 

Crazy Cursive 

Math Bingo 

Music Sparkles 

Eggy 250 HD 

Eggy 100 HD 

I can animate 

Singing monsters 

Spell mania 



Book Creator 

Eggy 250 HD 

Minecraft Education edition 


J2 Launch