Curriculum Information LFP

In the Autumn Term we will be covering the following Whole school projects:

*Diversity. *Expressive arts. *Anti Bullying

As a Lower Foundation Phase, we will be covering the topic of Light and Dark and we will also have a 2 week project following the interests of the children in class.


How can I help my child at home?

Any research in these areas of learning would be beneficial to your child.

If you have any items (e.g. books, leaflets, etc.) that you believe might be linked to this topic and would support learning, then please send them into class.

Encouraging your child to draw, write, count, share books, notice words, letters and numbers around them as well as playing and talking is hugely beneficial. J


Tedi Twt Sacks

We have a Tedi Twt sack in each class. Tedi Twt will be coming home with your child with some fun Welsh activities to do at home. The children will take turns to bring these home and will have the opportunity to share what they did with him with the rest of the class. Please ensure all items are in the sack when it comes back to school.


Snack Time

All Nursery and Reception pupils are welcome to bring a healthy snack for snack time. If your child has packed lunch, it is useful it is in a separate pot / bag. We encourage fruit / vegetables. Please note we do not take part in the school fruit tuck shop so no fruit money is required.



Reading books will be sent home before half term. Please can these be returned at least once a week. Pupils are involved in a range of other reading activities in class but it is important that they can practice at home. We encourage enjoyment of reading at home, especially listening to stories.


PE Day for Reception pupils LFPM – Wednesday. LFPR – Friday.

No separate PE kit is required, but on these days, please send your child in suitable clothing and footwear for the PE lesson.

Please avoid shoes with laces if possible. J


Assembly Themes

Diversity. New beginning. Learning from mistakes. Sukkot.

Harvest. Anti bullying. Remembrance. Forgiveness. Christmas.


Rights of the Child

September. Your right to an education. Article 28.

October. You right to a good standard of living.  Article 27.

November. Your right to be safe. Article 19.

December. Your right to follow your own religion.  Article 14.