Potential Reopening of school

In case parents have not yet filled in the LA questionnaire, here is the info you need:

 Regarding any possible reopening of the school, it is vital that parents take note of this paragraph from LA Director:

‘Capacity in schools will vary and many schools will need to introduce a phased re-integration. This
might affect the year groups that can attend and the days available.
Schools will work very differently, at least for the rest of this summer term. Class sizes
will be small and schools will implement social distancing. This means lessons may run
differently, break times and lunch times may be staggered, school start and finish times
may be different. We will be working closely with schools and governors to try to ensure
consistency in terms of principles and approach.’

School will NOT be open for all pupils all of the time. It will not be possible. We hope it will be in the future, of course.

1: Fill in this LA questionnaire

Please understand that it directly affects how we plan for reopening.

2. If you have any questions about this, the LA have provided a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Page.


Many Thanks,
Mr Davies