Month: August 2020

Gates and staggered timings

To support the staggered start times and reduce congestion at entrances and exits, we ask that you bring your child to the correct gate on time. These are on one of the 4 streets surrounding the school. Please check the Class News Tab or Class Dojo for more details.

  • Gate 1 Trafalgar Place Single Gate 
  • Gate 2 Trafalgar Place Double Gate  
  • Gate 3  – Kemble Street 
  • Gate 4 – De Breos Street 
  • Gate 5 – Waterloo Place (back double Gate) 

8:30 am – 3:00 pm  

1 /2 H – Gate 3 

1 /2 L – Gate 1 & 2 

1 / 2 B – Gate 4   

 8:45 am to 3:15 pm  

LFP M – Gate 4 

LFP R – Gate 3 

4/5 J – Gate  1 & 2  


9 am – 3:30 pm  

3 /4 N Gate 1 & 2 

3 /4 T Gate 3 

5/6 D Gate 4  

5/6 E Gate 5 

Year 45J and Year 5/6 reopening information.

There will be a staggered start in September.

Start dates:

Year 6 Thursday September 3rd

Year 5 Monday September 7th

Year 4 Wednesday September 9th


45J  Your time in school will be 8.45-3.15 Gate 1 and 2

Y56D Your time in school will be 9 – 330 Gate 4

 Y56E Your time in school will be 9 – 330 Gate 5 ( Double Gates next to Reception block on Waterloo Place)

The following booklets were sent out on Class Dojo. Please check them to see which gate to arrive at and details about the school day.

Y45J September Classbooklet

Y5D Class Booklet

Y6D Class Booklet

Y56E Class booklet



Year 1/2 Upper - Foundation Phase September return

Welcome back. Year 1 and 2 will return on different days to gradually return.

Year 1  will start in your new class on the Monday 7th September

Year 2  will start in your new class on the Wednesday 9th September

You will need to be dropped off and picked up at Gate 3.

Your time in school will be 8.30 am—3.00 pm.

The class booklets were sent out on class dojo and are also being added below:

Class Booklet Y1.2H – Year 1

Class Booklet Y1.2H – Year 2

Y12L class booklet

Y12B Class booklet

For more information please see the reopening tab on the website.

Reception Dates for return

Reception pupils will have a staggered start to allow us to help settle pupils. You will have 2 set dates during the first fortnight and then come to school every day from Friday 11th September.


8:45 am to 3:15 pm  

LFP M – Gate 4 

LFP R – Gate 3 

Miss Maliphant groups:

Class Booklet 1

Class Booklet 2

Class Booklet 3

Class Booklet 4

You will have received the details of which day on a message through Class Dojo. If you have not received this, please message the teacher or contact the school office.

Mrs Roach’s groups:

Booklets to follow.