Month: September 2020

Newsletter 25/09/20

Letter from the Interim Director of Education – With this afternoon’s news that Swansea will go into lockdown, please find a link to the letter from the Interim Director of Education. School will be open next week as we have been since the beginning of term. (Except for Thursday and Friday when we have two planned Inset Days).

Inset Days – School will be closed to pupils on Thursday & Friday, October 1st & 2nd for Staff Training.

Continuity of Learning – As part of our own ‘Continuity of Learning Plan, we have posted an outline of our arrangements for times when remote or blended learning may be needed and have also included a link to some video clips that we have made which we hope parents will find helpful. We will continue developing our ‘tutorials’ over time in response to emerging questions about how to support your child/ren with remote learning.  Please click on the link below:


Up to Date Contact Information – At this time of year we always ask parents to update their contact information. This year it is very important that we have the correct information because IF we have a positive case of Covid 19 Public Heath Wales will use the information we hold to contact you. Please complete and return the Contact Sheet that was sent home this week.

Staggered Start Times – To help us with our staggered start times, please do not start to line up more than 5 minutes before the gate is due to open, this helps us prevent children from different classes mixing. Dropping off – Please remember parents do need to park and bring their children to the gate. this is so we have the opportunity to ask the questions about Covid symptoms. Please do not pull up in the car and attempt to drop your child off.

ReminderPlease do NOT send your child to school if they, or anyone else in your household has any of the symptoms of Covid- 19


1. Are you, your child or anyone in your household a confirmed case of COVID-19/Coronavirus?
2. Do you, your child or anyone in your household have symptoms – a new, continuous cough and/or a high temperature/fever, loss of smell or taste?
3. Are you, your child or anyone in your household in self-isolation?

If your child has a cough (even if you think it is only part of a cold) please ring your Doctor and seek medical advice.  They will advise you whether to have a test or not. If you do have a test and have a negative result, your child may return to school once they are well enough.

Siblings – If you have different children coming to different gates at different times, you are welcome to bring them together to either Gate 1 or Gate 2 from 8.45 to 8.50 in the mornings.

Parent’s Evening – Class Teachers will be holding parent’s evenings remotely this year, they will put a link to a booking form on their class page for you to complete, and arrange either a Teams Meeting or Phone Call at a mutually convenient time.

Vacancy for Parent Governor –  Ms Cat Davies & Mrs Louise Beckett have come to the end of their terms of office, we would like to thank them for the time and commitment they have given to our Governing Body over the last 4 years. We therefore have some vacancies, if you are interested in becoming a School Governor and would like to find out more information before putting your name forward please contact Mrs Kim Morgans – Clerk to Governors via ClassDojo or by emailing Nomination forms will be sent out next week.

Pens & Pencils – Just a little reminder, but at the moment we are unable to share equipment so please provide your child with some stationary in a pencil case. (suggested items – pens, pencils, rubber, sharpener, gluestick & ruler)

Home Learning – We are preparing in case a class bubble has to go into isolation, or the school goes into lockdown. If you haven’t done so already please give your consent for your child to take part in sessions led by the class teacher.

Activity Fund – We are grateful for any voluntary contributions to our Activity Fund, which enables us to buy extra resources for the children. If you would like to contribute please pay via Squid. Diolch

PTA – Friends of Brynmill Primary – As we are not able to share equipment at the moment, we are very grateful to the PTA for providing £30 per class bubble  to buy their own playground equipment such as racquets, balls, hoops, beanbags etc.

Fruit Tuck Shop – We are unable to provide the Fruit Tuckshop at this time, you are welcome to provide a healthy snack from home for your child to eat at playtime.

Privacy Statement – Brynmill Primary School is the data controller who is responsible for holding the data you provide. We will use your data to keep you up to date with school activities such as concerts, fundraising and sports days. We will not share your data with anyone else and we hold your information on the basis of your consent, which you can withdraw at any time by contacting the school office. More information on your rights can be found in our privacy notice  and our data protection policy.

Nasal Spray Vaccine – The School Nurses will be in school on Friday 23rd October (subject to change) to give the Flu Vaccine to children from Reception to Year 6. Consent forms will be sent home in the next couple of weeks. Please complete the form and indicate whether you agree or not to consent. Here is a link to a video for you to share with your child about what they can expect this year.




Times when Remote Learning may be needed

Brynmill Primary Remote Learning for Children affected by COVID 19 

The Local Authority are supporting schools by putting together a learning continuity template, in the meantime, we thought it wise to put something together for times when remote learning may be needed.  

*For tutorials to access any of the digital learning platforms, please follow this link: 

Times when Remote Learning may be needed: 

  1. If your child is awaiting a test or test result there will  be a work pack linked in J2E for 

them to use. It will be called the “Waiting for a test result pack.” Teachers are unable 

to mark this work or give feedback. This pack must only used should your child be 

waiting for a test result. 


  1. If a childhas tostay in quarantine for 10/14 days  due to them or a family member testing positive for Coronavirus or If a child has to stay in 14 daysquarantine following an overseas holiday to a country not on the governments’, we have made  a “My Quarantine Pack” available through a link in J2EA hard copy is available on request, although please bear in mind that some tasks may have to be adapted if they include interactive links.  

*Reception children’s’ activities will be posted through Class Dojo.  

  1. If the class contact group or bubble has been told by Public Health Wales/ Track, Trace & Protect that they must self-isolate for a period of 14 day quarantine due to a case of COVID 19 in that bubble  In this instance, remote learning will be available, unless the class teacher shows signs of COVID 19 and becomes unwell (in this situation no teaching can be provided in the short term while plans are put in place) 

A blended model using the Hwb platform, J2e and where appropriate, Microsoft Teams will be used. The class teacher will have the ability to use recorded and live sessions as well as check in phone calls to support continuity of learning.  

During this time, your child will need to continue to undertake schoolwork at homeIf it is at all possible, it would be beneficial for children to follow their normal routine and be ready to start their school tasks in the morning 

Teachers will set an outline of tasks needed to be completed via live and recorded sessions, links in J2e and Microsoft Teams, dependant on the age of the child. Teachers will indicate whether a task needs to be returned as a file, link or upload a video/photo of completed work. Once again, please see our tutorials page how to do this. If you have any questions about thisplease contact your child’s teacher via Class Dojo. Teachers will be available during school hours to support pupils and parents.  For live sessions to be used, parents MUST complete the required consent, as per Welsh Government guidance. A link is to be found here: 

For a link to our Distance Learning Policy, which includes Safeguarding guidance, please use the following links: 

Distance Learning Policy 

Distance and Blended Learning Brynmill Way 



Brynmill Opening Logistics Key Points for Parents  

Welsh Government has issued comprehensive guidance for schools for the Autumn Term which details the planning and reorganisation that schools will need to put in place in readiness for a full return on 14th September.  


Welsh Government say that “It is expected that planning and preparation days will take place at the start of term to enable schools and settings to work with their staff on reviewing their risk assessments, processes and associated systems.” 


In order to mitigate some of the risks associated with a full return, schools are being asked to reduce contact by: 


  • Grouping learners together 
  • avoiding contact between groups as much as possible 
  • arranging classrooms with forward facing desks where appropriate 
  • staff maintaining distance from learners and other staff as much as possible 


Below is a set of answers to the things we think most parents will want to know.If you have any other questions, we will use them to update this page.  


Point   Actions  
What date will my child start?    From Thursday 3rd September – Year 6 and Reception in phased groups only  From Monday 7th September  – Year 1, 3, 5 (Year 6 and Reception phased groups will continue to attend)  

From Wednesday 9th September  – Year 2 & 4 (all other year groups with exception of Nursery will continue to attend) 

From Thursday 10th September – Full return of all pupils with exception of Nursery  

Will there be staggered drop off and collection times? Yes  

What will the timings be? 


Where do I line up with my child?  


  • Gate 1 Trafalgar  
  • Gate 2 Trafalgar  
  • Gate 3  - Kemble 
  • Gate 4 – De Breos 
  • Gate 5 – Waterloo 


In line with Welsh Government’s suggested measures for arriving and leaving schools, classes will have a different drop off and collection times. The timings will be as follows   

8:30 am – 3:00 pm  

1 /2 H – Gate 3 

1 /2 L – Gate 1 & 2 

1 / 2 B – Gate 4   


8:45 am to 3:15 pm  

LFP M – Gate 4 (with runner)  

LFP R – Gate 3 with runner  

4/5 J - Gate  1 & 2  


9:00 am – 3:30 pm 

3 /4 N Gate 1 & 2 

3 /4 T Gate 3 

5/6 D Gate 4  

5/6 E Gate 5 


Dropping off my child  



How will they come into school? 

Pupils will arrive and wait at different gates with one parent on socially distanced queue spots next to their class’s assigned gate/s.   

*It is important that pupils are accompanied by one parent or carer and that parents/ carers are on time. 


Parents/ carers will be asked if they or their child have any Covid symptoms.  


Children will enter one at a time and find a splat to stand on. They will take turns in using  

All children will use hand sanitiser as they enter school and the need to handwash reinforced throughout the day.   

Collecting my child  How will they leave school? 


All pupils must be collected from school including Year 6 pupils. Staff will bring pupils down to the allocated exit and wait on splats.  Parents/carers are asked to wait on queue spots, a member of staff will call each child in turn. Once reunited with your child, parents and carers are asked to move away from the gate to avoid a gathering of any kind 
How will children be grouped?   Your child will be in a consistent class size contact group 
What about break times?  Pupils will stay with their class for break times and lunch play on a staggered basis. They will be able to use an outdoor zone (weather permitting) with the aim of minimizing contact between groups, whilst still giving our children chance to run around and play together.  
Will there be Social Distancing?  Reducing the number of contacts between learners and staff will be achieved through keeping groups separate and through maintaining distance between individuals.  In primary schools, especially for younger learners the emphasis will be on separating groups. For learners old enough, they should be supported to maintain distance and not touch staff where possible. 


What if my child becomes unwell?  Pupils who are feeling unwell during the school day will be allocated an isolation room for their and others’ safety.   Pupils who are feeling ill before school should not attend and if they exhibit COVID19 symptoms, they should follow Public Health Wales advice for families in terms of quarantine.   
Will the Local Authority continue to provide emergency childcare>   No, there will be no emergency childcare provision in the autumn term. 
What about Lunchtimes?  Pupils will stay with their contact group (class) and will eat together in class or outside.   The Local Authority catering service have informed schools that they are planning to offer school meals. However, direct provision for school dinners will start from 14th September. All pupils will need to bring a packed lunch for the first 2 weeks until the 14th.

For parents who wish to use this service, it will be available via Squid as usual. There will be a choice of hot or cold meal which will be delivered to the classroom in disposable containers and with disposable cutlery. 

Will my child need equipment?  


Can my child share class resources? 


For individual and very frequently used equipment, such as pencils and pens, pupils need to have their own items that are not shared. They should bring in their own pen and pencil case (one) which should contain a pen, pencil, ruler, sharpener, rubber, and some colouring pencils. Extra items that would be useful are a gluestick , a whiteboard/dry erase pen and  pink, green & purple highlighters.  However, if pupils need to borrow, then these will be cleaned at the end of the day.    

Classroom-based resources, such as books and games, can be used and shared within the contact group; these will be cleaned regularly 


Pupils should bring in their own water bottle and can fill it up through the day themselves, not share.   

Will there be Nursery provision?  Nursery will not be returning at the beginning to the Autumn Term.  At the time of writing, schools are awaiting the publication of further guidance on early years and nursery provision 
Do staff or pupils need PPE?  Due to the scientific evidence related to the wearing of PPE clothing and masks, the schools risk assessment identifies when it may be needed, and that staff may choose to wear masks. If you wish your child to do so, we respect that choice however, parents are asked to consider WG guidance, which states that “No one who may not be able to handle face coverings as directed (e.g. young learners, or those with special educational needs or disabilities) should wear them as it may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission, ”  

They must wash their hands upon arrival and dispose of temporary face covering in a bin. 


 Hand washing should always be practiced before putting on and after removing PPE   

How will infection control be managed?    Additional cleaning will take place through the day of all surfaces, high touch areas and resources used. Children will only use resources that can be frequently cleaned. Posters and videos will reinforce this with pupils. Toilet usage will be managed be allocated members of staff and water fountains will be made unavailable. Pupils with First Aid or Personal Care needs will be attended to by staff with PPE.   
What about uniform / clothing?  There is an expectation that pupils will wear uniform from September in line with the school policy. 
Will there be Breakfast Club?  Breakfast clubs and After school clubs will not be in place for the first few weeks – inline with the Welsh Government guidance ” It is likely that schools and settings will need to respond flexibly and build this up. It is recognised that this may be logistically challenging, particularly when offering facilities across year groups.”We are hopeful that we will be able to phase in Breakfast Club from September 14th.  Schools are awaiting further advice from the Local Authority regarding how schools can make Breakfast Club work alongside the wider protective measures.  


Will Playworks After School Club be operating from September?  At the time of writing, Playworks After School Club are awaiting Welsh Government Operational Guidance from which to plan for a safe return. It’s unlikely that Afterschool Club provision will be available from the very start of the Autumn term. Playworks will contact registered parents with updates and start dates in September 
What will children be doing?  WG are directing schools to develop an approach to learning for the Autumn term which is flexible enough to adapt to different scenarios and differing amounts of in-school learning and learning at home or elsewhere.  

Schools have been asked to consider a range of priorities including 

  • health and well-being  
  • what is important for learners now, the skills that our learners need to develop most both currently and in the longer-term 
  • literacy, numeracy and IT skills  
  • Opportunities across all of the curriculum areas, developing learning experiences which involves learning inside and outside school 


Will I be able to talk with my child’s class teacher  Of course however ad hoc site visits are not permitted. Where possible, we would try to arrange consultation remotely either via a telephone call or video conferencing at the earliest convenience  

Please note, with the exception or drop off and collection, all gates will be locked. Should parents/carers require access to the school building, please contact the school office of 01792 463019  


Class dojo messaging service should be used as a means of communication between school and home.  

Free School Meals  The Local Authority will be providing a choice of a hot or cold option which those eligible for Free School Meals will be able to order via Squid  If you think you are eligible but have not already applied, please follow this link. 

All children will need to bring water bottle.  



 I have children with different start and   finish times. What are my options?  Dropping off  

Where siblings start times are different we would ask that the children arrive at the time (and gate) of the later sibling. 




WG Guidance for the September return demands that schools endeavour to avoid contact between different groups of learners.   When scaled up to a full return, it would not be possible to have children from many different contact groups leaving their classrooms at the same time.  


 We would ask, unless in the case of an emergency, that your child/ren are collected at their allotted class pick up time