Year 1/2 Upper - Foundation Phase September return

Welcome back. Year 1 and 2 will return on different days to gradually return.

Year 1  will start in your new class on the Monday 7th September

Year 2  will start in your new class on the Wednesday 9th September

You will need to be dropped off and picked up at Gate 3.

Your time in school will be 8.30 am—3.00 pm.

The class booklets were sent out on class dojo and are also being added below:

Class Booklet Y1.2H – Year 1

Class Booklet Y1.2H – Year 2

Y12L class booklet

Y12B Class booklet

For more information please see the reopening tab on the website.

Year 1/2 Spring Term Curriculum Information

How can I help my child at home?

Any research in these areas of learning would be beneficial to your child.

Questions for you to discuss:

  • What do plants need to grow?
  • Can you name parts of a plant/Human?
  • What are the senses?  What are they used for?
  • Life cycles of plants and animals. Stages of a human Life cycle etc

If you have any items (e.g. books) that you believe might be linked to this topic

and would support learning, then please bring them into class so that your child can

show them to the class.

Tedi Twt sacks

Children will take it in turns to take these sacks home. We include simple welsh

Sentence patterns and ask that children record in Welsh things they do with Tedi

Twt whilst he is staying with you. Instructions are in the sack.

Themed Weeks

In addition to our topic, we will also have whole school themed weeks.  These will

Include Welsh week, Internet Safety week, Science week, Outdoor project and

Spring festivals


Please can reading books be returned on a Monday or Tuesday.  We encourage

that all pupils enjoy reading and listening to stories at home.

PE Days

Y1.2B – Monday

Y1.2L – Thursday

Y1.2H – Friday

Assembly Themes

Moving forward and learning from mistakes (Growth Mindset).

Awe and wonder of the world.