Handwriting - letter formation

As a consequence of the enforced school closure, Welsh Government produced guidance on learning in schools from the autumn term, asking schools to consider planning learning experiences which focused upon “what is important for learners now and in the longer-term?”. We immediately set about identifying and developing our Autumn term priorities for learning.  

One such priority was Handwriting formation, pace and stamina. We use a variety of strategies to support pupils as they learn how to form letters which, if taught and learnt correctly, will aid children’s developing writing speed and fluency.


Handwriting practice can be hugely beneficial where children can reinforce what they are being taught in school. At Brynmill Primary School, we use a letter formation style called cursive script and pre – cursive script (for pupils who are not quite ready to use cursive script). Our own teaching staff have made and found a range of videos aimed at supporting parents who wish to help their child practice their handwriting at home.


You can see from the videos that practicing letter formation can be fun. We hope that you find them useful.

Here’s a couple of videos we have made to show a sensory approach to practicing letter formation

Episode 1


Episode 2

Pre – cursive letter formation a-z


This is a cursive writing demonstration

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet – YouTube

Here’s a video we have made on handwriting and mindfulness

Three super easy and cheap activities you can do at home to help your child during their writing journey.


Learning to Write | Early Writing Activities


Find out how to make handwriting fun with these games, activities and rhymes.


Handwriting videos | Oxford Owl

Here’s a video we have made using a graphic pad to show the starting point, direction and exit of each letter.