Newsletter 11/11/22

Proof of Address – If you have recently changed, or are changing your address please provide proof such as a driving licence, council tax bill or tenancy agreement.

Breakfast Club – Our Breakfast Club is getting more popular, this is just a reminder that we have a weekly booking in system via ClassDojo, please use this rather than ringing the school to book in.

Leaving the school – Some of our year groups are full, and we have a waiting list for any places that become available. If you are leaving the school for any reason, please give us as much notice as possible, so that we can offer the place to children on the waiting list. Thank you

Bracelet Bay Classes – Trip to the Gower Heritage Centre. Letters are being sent home today about the trip. Please complete the consent form and let us know your packed lunch preference, as school packed lunches have to be ordered in advance. We would appreciate voluntary contributions of £15.00. Unfortunately if we are unable to cover costs the trip may have to be cancelled.

Next Week

Monday – Odd Sock Day – Next week is Anti-Bullying Week, and on Monday Children are invited to wear odd socks in celebration of their individuality.

Tuesday at 9.00am approx- Mrs Breeze’s class assembly – Bracelet B. Once you have dropped your child off please make your way to Trafalgar Place. Once we have closed Gate 2 (double gates), please queue and we will reopen them once the children in the yard have come into school.


Children in Need Day – Children are invited to dress in something spotty and donate some money towards this worthwhile charity. Donations can be made online to the Charity Donation Offer. Suggested donation is £1.00 per child, but feel free to donate you chosen amount.