Policies for Brynmill Primary School. If you would like a printed copy, please contact the school office.

BPS Behaviour Policy – Covid 19 Updated version Sept 2020

BPS AntiBullying Policy 2018

BPS Admissions Policy 2019-20

BPS Attendance Policy 2018

BPS Child Protection Policy 2016

BPS Charges and Remission Policy 2018

BPS Collective Worship Policy Spring 2017

BPS Complaints Policy 2018

BPS Curriculum Policy  2018

BPS Positive Behaviour Policy 2017

BPS Open Door Policy 2012

BPS Key skills policy 2016

BPS Homework Policy 2018

BPS Health and Safety Policy 2018

BPS School Uniform Policy

BPS SRE Policy 2015

BPS Substance Misuse Policy 2016

BPS Teaching for Learning Policy

BPS Toilet Policy 2017

Data Protection Policy – pending

Freedom of Information Policy – pending