E Safety Update

In readiness for our next Internet Safety workshop planned for the New Year, we wanted to update parents and ask for your help shaping the next event. From some recent conversations with parents, we are aware of the same issues cropping up such as:

  • use of social media Apps such as WhatsApp (16 yrs) , Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook (13 yrs) and how pupils are using this irresponsibly with regards sharing information, groups and media.
  • Use of online platforms and games with inbuilt messaging (Roblox, Youtube, Minecraft) without parental monitoring.
  • Safe and responsible searches on the internet.

Please click the link below to give your opinion of any other issues you would like us to cover at our next workshop using the simple link below:


On a related note, we are mindful of the many ways that we communicate to you – however, we are also aware that there are times when these messages still do not appear to reach our intended audience:

  • Newsletters posted on our website. (Link ) or search Brynmill J2bloggy.
  • Secure posts and messages sent on Class Dojo (please check you are signed in and connected using the app)
  • Paper letters and notes (please check your child’s bag!)
  • Emails, calls and texts (please check we have an up to date contact number/ email)
  • Twitter news promoting our school and linked services like Hwb. (@brynmillschool) , check the feed on the right.

For our E Safety guidance, please check out this page on our website.